All DU students and their parents or guardians must comply with the DU COVID-19 Safe Policy and associated procedures.

At Dance Union Studios, we are continuously working hard to ensure our studio remains a safe space for our dancers and teachers both physically and emotionally and will always strive to make our environment safe, supportive, nurturing and fun for our dancers.

Resuming our operations means that we will need to run a little differently to how we have in the past. These changes follow the requirements set out by the Victorian Department of Health and Victorian Governments current Restricted Activity Directions (RAD’s) for dance schools to return to teaching classes on site. We will be regularly reviewing and updating these changes as necessary. 

Our COVID-19 Safe Policies and procedures have been developed using WorkSafe and Ausdance best practice guidelines. The Ausdance Return to Dance guidelines can be viewed here: 



  • All staff will undertake Aus Gov. COVID-19 infection control training and will remain up to date with government guidelines and best practice in relation to hygiene and infection control.

  • Hand sanitisers have been placed in the bathroom, studio and at our entrance and exit points.

  • We will deep clean and sanitise all areas of the building daily this will include wiping down “high-touch” surfaces in between each class every day including barres, door handles and handrails.

  • Your teachers will ensure that there is no partner work or use of communal props in class.

  • Display of social distancing markers in the studio.

  • Teachers will remind dancers of the importance of good hand washing hygiene and ask all dancers to sanitise hands before and after each class and after bathroom breaks.

  • Parents/carers will be called if a dancer presents as unwell for immediate pick up.

  • DU staff will fully supervise all dancers during drop off and pick up times to eliminate the need for parents/carers to enter the building.

  • Staff will not come into the studio if they are unwell.


  • Dancers must not come to class if they are sick or have had contact with a known or suspected case of Covid-19.

  • Only one adult should accompany a student to drop off and pick up.

  • The waiting area inside the studio is closed, all parents/carers are asked to please drop and go.

  • Parents/carers are to be punctual at pick/up drop off times so to avoid dancers needing to stay in waiting areas.

  • Dancers are asked to go to the bathroom and wash their hands before coming to the studio and are to only bring their named change of shoes and a named drink bottle to class.

  • We encourage parents to wipe these items before coming to class and when you get home.

  • We ask that dancers refrain from any unnecessary body contact and abide by the social distancing practices in place at the studio (e.g. hugging, high fives etc). We understand this is more challenging for little ones and will do our best together to promote positive strategies and age appropriate alternatives.

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