Located in Carrum, Dance Union Studios is a place of dance, passion and community;

bringing a whole new dance culture to our bayside suburbs!

Through casual and recreational classes, our studio is a place our dancers can call home.
We encourage you to learn and broaden your skills in a range of
dance styles taught by industry professionals.

We also provide performance opportunities within the local community; as well as the chance to compete at State and National events.

Ignite your passion for dance and join our DU family!




"My daughter is loving her new Dance School! Learning new skills every week, she's very enthusiastic and eager to learn. I'm proud of her as she is of wearing her new 'dance' top!

Anyone looking for a lovely dance instructor - get in touch with Abbey, nice and convenient for our Patto friends."

- Amy


"My daughter struggles with anxiety and needs a lot of time to adjust to her surroundings when unfamiliar. Well, one step into dance class at Dance Union Studios and I'm wondering where the daughter I knew went!

Abbey and her classes have bought out so much confidence in my girl - even the trickier skills that would have had her running out the door because it got too much are now a fun challenge for her. I have never seen her so passionate about a sport!

Thank you Abbey for your patience, encouragement and support for my daughter."

- Jess

"Thank you Dance Union Studios for making me laugh a thousand times over and also for helping me get my groove on. I've not pushed myself for a long time and taking these dance classes has forced me to come out of my shell again."

- Maxon


"Abbey is a passionate and dedicated and in her element with Dance Union Studios. Ethical, highly trained and ready to pass on her extensive knowledge and creativity. Highly recommended!"

- Margie

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